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Steve Bliss Temecula Probate AttorneyIf you’re like the majority of people, you’ve heard the term, “probate, “but aren’t honestly sure what it indicates other than it happens when somebody passes away and legal representatives are included. Steve Bliss is a probate attorney in Temecula, CA that you should call to answer all your questions. To bring some clarity to the topic of probate, we’re responding to common probate concerns below:

What is probate?

Probate is the court process of confirming the decedent’s will and settling the estate. The administrator called in the will (or “administrator” if the decedent passed away “intestate,” suggesting without a will) collects, secures, evaluates, handles, and, eventually, distributes the decedent’s properties and pays last debts and taxes under the guidance of the court of probate.

As executor, do I have to employ a probate attorney or can I do it myself?

Lawfully, you can probate the estate without an attorney in some states. However, practically, you should work with a probate attorney. The work is technical and not user-friendly.

The probate attorney is paid from the estate, not from your funds. Besides, as executor, you are personally responsible for the estate possessions and settlement. If you ruin, you can be held accountable and may lose your belongings.

A Probate Attorney is highly informed and exceptionally trained.

Why do individuals wish to avoid probate?

Many people look to prevent probate since it’s public, expensive, demanding, bothersome, and prolonged.

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How can I prevent probate?

The list below kinds of ownership prevent probate:

– All properties owned by a revocable living trust;
– Jointly held properties;
– Assets with a beneficiary designation (annuities, life insurance, and retirement accounts);.
– Assets kept in trust for a recipient; and.
– Pay on death and transfer on death properties.

Besides, each state has a threshold and properties under that threshold avoid probate.
Moreover, any properties that you gift away during your lifetime avoid probate.

If you have questions about acting as an administrator, probate, or avoiding probate, make sure to consult with a qualified estate planning attorney.

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